Texting & Mobile Marketing

Text Marketing can deliver your messages right to your customers' hip pocket. With the massive growth of mobile phones and devices, texting has grown exponentially and can be leveraged as an important part of a company's marketing mix.

Vilocity can help your business build a text message marketing campaign, as a turnkey service that frees up your staff's time for other mission-critical tasks.

Vilocity can help you:

  • Develop a comprehensive text marketing strategy
  • Launch sophisticated text messaging promotions
  • Research and set up keywords and short codes
  • Build your contact list with a Signup Widget for your website, Facebook page, and email blasts
  • Schedule text messages to go out at specific dates and times
  • Manage your mobile phone list (add and import contacts from your website opt-ins, customer database, and other sources)
  • Organize your contacts into unlimited sub-lists and groups
  • Even send out variable data text campaigns
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