Teacher's Pal, Inc
Effective Schools Campaign


Teacher's Pal, Inc. was nearly complete with a new and improved version of its software suite for K-12 educators. But marketing and sales support was nearly non-existent. Teacher's Pal needed to develop new collateral materials fast, in order to successfully launch its new software and immediately generate demand from teachers and administrators across the U.S.


Teacher's Pal tapped Vilocity for help. First, Vilocity performed primary and secondary research in order to assess the competition and identify unique benefits. Armed with this data, Vilocity developed a Brand Style Guide that graphically differentiated the company from the competition and served as the foundation for the emerging marketing campaign. Using the research as a base for generating compelling copy, the agency then developed new marketing materials, including brochures, sales sheets, trade show booth, CD-ROM, business cards, letterhead, and more.


Today, Teacher's Pal, Inc. has a cohesive brand image and effective marketing campaign, for the first time in the history of the company. Teacher's Pal is poised to become the brand name known for software that helps schools...and students...be more effective.

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