Phoenix Zoo
"Danger or Deception" Exhibit


The Phoenix Zoo was planning a new exhibit, in order to keep the zoo's content fresh and exciting for patrons. However, the exhibition would feature smaller animals in glass tanks -- not as visually interesting as the large animals seen elsewhere in the zoo. How could Phoenix Zoo stay true to the educational content of the new exhibit yet bring it to life?


For the Phoenix Zoo, Vilocity helped develop a new exhibit, "Danger or Deception." This included a series of interactive kiosks featuring original cartoon characters that educated while they entertained. Vilocity also branded and productized the exhibit through logo design, signage creation and merchandise development. It was all in an effort to teach kids and adults that some animals are truly dangerous and some just fake it to stay alive. In fact, the exhibit included "Danger Meters" at each animal display so visitors could guess if an animal was dangerous or just deceptive. "Scaredy Cat," a cartoon feline that pretends to be dangerous by hiding behind a scary mask, was host of the exhibit. The character was designed to help kids understand the exhibit's theme.


The new exhibit, "Danger or Deception," was a big hit with kids and adults alike. Attendance far surpassed the previous period, and the exhibit helped garner significant publicity – even a live remote from ABC TV.

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