Wild Republic


The Wild Republic®, a line of plush toy animals, needed to further distinguish itself from me-too products flooding the market. Because of the Wild Republic's great success, other toy manufacturers were copying the product, the brand name, the packaging, the store displays, and more. Vilocity was asked to develop a product add-on to further differentiate the Wild Republic from copycats.


Vilocity proposed a unique product concept: create a fun, interactive CD-ROM filled with games and activities for kids, and attach it directly to the plush toy as a "gift-with-purchase." Also included on the CD-ROM was a product catalog, in order to cross-promote the various animals within the product line. Also, the CD-ROM included a direct link from the disk to the Wild Republic website, helping to build traffic to the site, and involvement with the brand.


The Wild Republic CD-ROM was honored by the renowned Parents' Choice Foundation as a Recommended Toy. The CD-ROM also received praise from many notable publications, including Parent magazine, Toy Book, Toy Fair Times, and more. In the first run, 500,000 CD-ROM's were manufactured.

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