Inter-Cal Nutraceuticals
Product Brochure


Inter-Cal Nutraceuticals, manufacturer of Ester-C and other vitamin supplements used in food products, had just expanded their product line. The problem was, few customers were aware of Inter-Cal's full line and how the new products were now formulated for use in specific products, such as beverages, supplements, and cosmetics. Instead, customers simply reordered Inter-Cal's original "generic" product again and again. To grow, Inter-Cal needed to increase awareness of its new use-specific products and encourage trials. But what was the best technique?


Vilocity recommended developing a product brochure targeting both current and potential customers in various industries, including food, beverage, supplement, and cosmetics manufacturers. The brochure featured the full line of Inter-Cal products, and educated manufacturers about each product's specialized use and unique benefits.


With the help of the new product brochure, the new and expanded product line was successfully launched. Sales have increased for the entire line, with significant revenue coming from the new specialty products.

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