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In a world where competition is more and more fierce, and product differentiation is so difficult, a strong "brand image" is often a crucial component of a product's ability to attract and retain customers. But, how can a company create a memorable brand without the marketing dollars of a major advertiser such as McDonald's or Nike?


Many clients have turned to Vilocity to effectively but economically enhance their brand images, or even develop new brands from scratch. Vilocity's branding efforts have included:

Brand style guides
Product positioning statements
Product and company names Taglines
Logo design Iconography and typography
Product packaging In-store displays
Image advertising And much more

To ensure effectiveness in the marketplace, these branding campaigns often included primary research, where brand elements – and products themselves – were tested with target markets via focus groups and surveys.


Vilocity has helped successfully launch and re-launch many brands for companies large and small. In this way, Vilocity has helped keep many companies competitive, and increase customer retention due to brand loyalty. These branding campaigns have won national awards such as ADDY Awards, and have garnered publicity in national publications such as USA Today.

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